Offering true value for your gold, platinum, diamonds and estate pieces & vintage timepieces.

Glenn Bradford is an award-winning jewelry designer, who specializes in custom-one-of-a-kind creations. He will help you to identify the hidden value of your most overlooked portion of your financial portfolio and help you to preserve your history.

With gold hovering at the $1000 an ounce mark and diamonds at near record highs, you probably do not realize the true value of your jewelry.

First you need to think about the "sentimental" value of what you own.

For instance, Glenn's wife, Sharyn was sifting through a shoe-box of her Great Grandma Lizzies "costume" jewelry with her Grandma. Sharyn pulled out a massive ring with a blue stone surrounded by rhinestones. The stone turned out to be a 10 1/2 carat internally flawless Aquamarine, with intense saturation of color that can no longer be mined-a rare precious gemstone.

When Sharyn's Grandma passed away, Glenn reset this rare gemstone into a new design that was all about Sharyn's sensibility. It was built to suit her lifestyle as a busy, working, fine artist Mom of three on the go.

It is named "The Sharyn I".

Sharyn has worn this ring daily ever since and feels like she is holding hands with both her Grandma and Great-Grandma. What greater gift than to preserve Sharyn's history and heritage while enjoying the design.

"The Sharyn I".

Glenn will educate you:

Glenn will empower you to make the most intelligent decision regarding which portion of your jewelry portfolio to dispose of, and what to retain and transform into tomorrow's heirlooms.

Glenn typically excavates your diamonds and gemstones for you to keep. By retaining your sentimental diamonds, you will end up saving thousands of dollars per carat over purchasing new diamonds, in the long term.

Seller beware:

Unfortunately most "cash for gold" jewelers, pawn shops, gold party representatives and even the local barber shop that is buying your old gold, do not tell you this. They only want to meet you once, and they typically pay pennies on the dollar for your gold and platinum, while paying nothing for your sentimental and valuable diamonds and gemstones.

Trust, individual attention in a beautiful, secure, stress-free environment:

Historic Building Circa 1924
Lower Main Street, Port Washington

We approach our business quite differently.

We work with generations of families and strive to cultivate a life-long, trusting relationship.  We make our living from design, not from the one shot transaction. 

We suggest scheduling an appointment with Glenn to unearth the hidden potential and true value of your jewelry portfolio.

We value your gold and platinum in a transparent manner:

We will pre-sort and weigh your gold by karat (24, 22,18,14,10kt...), measure each of your gemstones to be excavated and weigh each separated parcel. We will then acid-test each piece to determine the authenticity of the quality mark. If something turns out to be costume, we will return it to you.

Our refiner visits us on a weekly basis and pays us close to the spot rate for gold and platinum for the day he visits. The price is determined by the published London fixed commodity price for that day.

We procure a small handling fee, ensuring that you will receive the vast part of the true value for your gold and platinum. Typically,  our clientele will put this value towards a custom project. If you opt for payment, we will then take an additional 5% handling fee.

Selling of your diamonds, watches and estate pieces: 

Glenn Bradford Fine Jewelry Corp. is a full service jeweler.

We can appraise your diamonds, jewelry, pearls, watches...

If you opt to sell your center diamond, we will give you a quote from our diamond manufacturer, who purchases diamonds internationally. We will take a small handling fee for the transaction, ensuring that you receive the vast part of the value for your diamonds.

Sometimes, we may have a client in mind for your diamond which will result in a more substantial selling price to be passed on to you. 

We have been featured multiple times in named publications for our fairness and integrity:

Please view the attached articles:

Newsday's "Found Money in Old Gold"; 1 full gold articlesmall3.pdf

and The Gold Coast Gazette's "Cash for Gold"; cash for gold full pageglennbradford.pdf


Our shop hours are:

Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-5:30; Sunday 11:00-2:00; or by appointment.


Thank you for your continued trust and consideration,

The Glenn Bradford Fine Jewelry Family


New Years Holiday Schedule:
Dec 26-28, 31 11:00-4:00, or by appointment.
Closed Sunday, Monday and New Years Day.
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